FOOD : The Walnut Raisin Crescent Bread @ Four Leaves

To be truth, I’m a raisins lover but I hate anything that related to “nuts”. In my office, Kak Umi, she offered me a bread because both of us didn’t go out for lunch. At first, I hesitated since it contained “walnuts” but, it has raisins too~! Ohhh I was in dilemma….

So, I took the bread thinking that “ohh.. I can just separate the walnuts bread1from the bread anyway.” But, I was thinking that it will be a waste, so, I ate it together since the walnuts weren’t so much as raisins in that bread. As soon as I tasted it, oh my god, It tastes so good and I want it more….┬áIndeed, I went to Kak Umi to asked for it more! (shame on me… ha ha ha). **The 1st photo is from somewhere in Google**

The Walnut Raisins Crescent Bread, I was looking for it for about two weeks since I’ve tasted it. I heard that Kak Umi said her friend brought it from The Loafs bakery. So, mistakenly heard, I went to the bakery every time I saw the bakery. However, I found it nowhere on the shelf which make me a bit heartbroken~ Finally, yesterday I bumped with Kak Umi’s friend and I was like straightly asked her “…where did you buy the raisins bread?” and she said “.. ohh, at the Four Leaves bakery down there.”

bread01Bammm~ me like what???? at Four Leaves not The Loafs bakery? so, I straightly went to the bakery and yes I’ve found it! I bought 2 walnut raisins crescent breads! weeee~

So, in term of taste, well, it taste fine to me and I love to eat it while it still hot because the texture of the bread is much more softer and I can taste the combination of the sweetness of raisins and the taste of (like) the roasted walnuts. I mostly will heat the bread in the microwave before I eat it to make it taste better and I certainly would recommend this bread to my family and friends.


As the Four Leaves customer, I would rate the Walnut Raisins Crescent Bread :-

3.7 STARS!